About Us

SWFL Center for Hearing and Balance Core Belief:

Relationships are vital to life as humans. Hearing loss interferes with healthy relationships.

Mission: To cultivate healthy relationships through better hearing.

We believe that relationships are central to the human experience and that the presence of untreated hearing loss slowly deteriorates our ability to create, develop and maintain healthy relationships. We believe treating hearing loss is an avenue to better living.

We do this by:

      -Treating each patient with individual care and respect during all encounters
      -Performing accurate diagnostic evaluations
      -Making honest, well informed recommendations for rehabilitation
      -Acknowledging the effect of hearing loss on relationships and offering education to patients so that they and their significant others can more effectively deal with the challenges of hearing impairment
      -Accurately fitting technology
            -Remaining available for continued follow up

Southwest Florida Center for Hearing and Balance was created to serve the needs of people with hearing impairment and balance problems with professionalism and compassion. Our goal is to provide superior service, quality evaluations and state of the art rehabilitation solutions in a warm inviting atmosphere.

We are a small intimate practice where we know our patients by name and are invested in their success.  You can always count on us to do our level best to meet your every need when it comes to hearing health and balance disorders.

We look forward to meeting you and making you part of our family!


About Dr. Lynda

hearing-210Dr. Lynda Nally is a board certified audiologist, holds her certificate of clinical competence from the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association, and is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. In 1987 she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ball State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Deaf Education. After teaching high school English to deaf children for several years she received a scholarship from the University of Cincinnati to obtain her Master’s Degree. This degree was completed with honors in 1994. In August of 1994 she relocated her family to Cape Coral , Florida where she completed her Clinical Fellowship year under the direction of a highly talented audiologist, Joseph Holmes at the Hearing Care Center. Then in 1998, she was offered a leadership position on the staff at Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists of Florida where she developed their audiology program until 2007. After a breadth of experience working under medical doctors for 13 years, Dr. Nally began to practice independently when she opened Southwest Florida Center for Hearing and Balance in 2007. The practice has steadily grown since that time and Dr. Nally’s reputation continues to be one of excellence, honesty and integrity. Dr. Nally earned her clinical Doctorate in Audiology (AuD) from the University of Florida in 2002. She is a licensed audiologist and has been practicing in the Lee County area for 23 years.

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